Relaxation Music – 1 Hour Meditation Candle
This is my site Posted on August 28, 2013 – 1:39 am

One hour HD recording of meditation candle and gentle music. For the best guided meditations on the planet, click here: Expand…

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12 Week Transformation Meditation Course By
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  1. music is life .

  2. want to meditate..
    well take a deep breath…
    it starts there…
    breathe in nice and deep… breathe out…
    then again..
    every time you breathe out imagine all the evils leaving your body..
    everything that poisons you.. on every breath that leaves you these poisons leaves your body… do not force it… just let it seep out… one demon at a time.. wish them away.. Cleanse your soul…. when your mind is empty… heal your pain… cleanse your soul..

  3. it’s really relaxation peacefull and calm.feel good ! from Thailand.

  4. I drift into my mind listening to this soothing music helping not only to meditate but also fall into a deep sleep

  5. nice ,love , peace , happiness ad wisdom

  6. gostaria de fazer download dessa musica,entre centenas milhares que existem na internet,é a que mais gosto…Saudações do Brasil

  7. Want to give up drinking? Stop drinking, that’s it. Want to lose weight? Eat less. Many people haven’t realised that.

  8. this helps me sleep everynight. very calming

  9. Love the music

  10. <3 <3 <3

  11. Hope all is well.

  12. Beautiful and calm,an amazing start to a day.

  13. Good night, from Denmark. <3

  14. ik voel me beter en rust……

  15. It will be the greatest thing you will do to yourself. Meditating will help you eliminate any kind of addiction, depression, negative obstacle blocking your way to success, and will give your mind, soul, and body a GREAT sense of PEACE. Practice and it is time NOW to control your thoughts and emotions. :)

  16. You can, You will, many have.

  17. Njoy this music very much, Now just need to learn to meditate and just maybe i can give up drinking… god willing! Good nite all.

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