Energy Healing : Amazing 12 Billion Hypnotic “FEEL GOOD” subliminal affirmations With Energy healing.
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12 billion affirmations are masked behind the music.Using advance techniques of stereo confusion, and other hypnotic advanced phrased methods. e.g ” Why Is I…
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  1. haha you cant count.

  2. All I could hear was kill your parents

  3. i counted 11 billion 241

  4. I have a feeling of deep relaxation, not hypnosis but calm and serenity.

  5. If you listen to the audio looped, or continuously in the background few hours, or throughout day, you will notice more effective results in few weeks.

  6. @David777111 your exactly on the ball…. Noah St john explains it best, l

  7. Ok, yeah I can see that, definitely; thanks for the response. And you’re welcome, hah.

  8. In the book, The Great Little Book Of Afformations they do explain why you would want to use “Why” affirmations. Example is Why am I so happy? In asking the question you are already affirming that you are happy and it side tracks your logic. Also it is a present moment affirmation. Thanks, cause your question makes me want to go over that book again. Check it out.

  9. I would be worried if I do not know all the affirmations !

  10. 12 billion ? are you shit kidding me ? I hope it works !!! Thanks

  11. is there any more audio only videos?

  12. JEJEJE

  13. First week this Saturday

  14. Day 3

  15. Day 2. Check back end of April. After listening 2x daily

  16. Thanks for such positive brain cleansing files. They were surely crafted with LOVE!This tech may save lives! :)

  17. Your examples confuse me. Shouldn’t affirmations be in the present-tense always? “why xxxx” doesn’t seem focused on the present. Asking why doesn’t seem to affirm anything.

  18. what are the subliminal messages put in here?? what are all the questions??

  19. love this

  20. Thank you! You are a divine blessing in my life.

  21. 12 billion sounds like a lot of affirmations. What type of technology was used to make this video? 12 billion??? really?? I love the idea of subliminal affirmations in your videos, and think they are very well done. But it is also necessary that we know what affirmations/subliminal messages are being put into our subconscious mind.

    Is there any place that documents the subliminal messages used in this multimedia presentation? So?? What are the answers???

  22. yes without headphones is ok.

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