Healing Meditation

For some it’s merely a means of relaxing or a relaxation activity, and for others it has a deeper meaning and connections going all the way to the essence of ones making.

Meditation is not about relaxation or relaxing oneself to a state of being. However, relaxation is used as a step toward meditation and as such should be the very first thing when considering meditation. Meditation and Healing are like one and when one Heals it helps to Meditate deeper and when Meditates it helps with the Healing process. Healing usually takes place on many levels of ones being. Usually, the direct healing is done on the biological level and when goes deeper it extends to work on the emotional and then the spiritual levels.

On the surface meditation is all about healing three levels of a being.

  • The Body
  • The Emotions
  • The mind

Connecting and aligning that which makes up an average person.

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